– The background story

At we are passionate about offering something different. Our expert will hand pick beers to fit your palate. Sign up to our monthly subscription and we’ll promise to deliver ales to your door that you won’t find in the supermarket.

Do you have a beer enthusiast in your life? You can buy them a gift box and we will service all of their craft needs.

Looking for a valentines idea, we will personalise our labels and offer a special promotional price!

Watch this space for our exciting developments

———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————- is based on four simple principles that we believe the modern beer drinker requires:

Unique and Personalised – We don’t want the norm, I am unique and my beer should be too

Status and Recognition – Posting and Boasting, I want to try before my friends and I want them to know

Time is of the essence – We want the above, but if I can trust an expert, I will

Collaboration – We want to share with a community of likeminded people

Here at Ale Shopper, we will supply you with beers from around the UK and further afield. We’ll give you tasting notes and some background on the brewer, you then let us know what you preferred and we will tailor your package to your taste.

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